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Long time

Wow I have not posted here in a long time. I guess it's about time I got around to updating on my babies!

Robbie is almost done with first grade. Just another month left until summer vacation. Over all he has done fair. He struggles a lot with school work, so I am proud of the things he has acomplished this year. His reading has improved a lot, as has his handwriting. He's a whiz at math, and doesn't have many problems in that area. He also loves science! Outside of school he loves to watch tv (way too much), play outside and at the park with his friend Tristan, play wii with mommy and daddy, and he loves board games. We try to get him to read as much as possible, but he says he hates it. I guess he's not like me in that way !

Austin is 2 and a whiz kid. He is seriously so smart that it makes me a little nervous. Too smart for his own good, you know? He knows all his letters by sight (but still can't sing the alphabet song), he can count to 10, he knows most of his shapes, and all his colors. He picks up new things everyday. He loves to watch Elmo and caillou and to color and draw. He doesn't scribble like a normal kid, either. All of his drawings and pictures are full of shapes, andletters. He can only write O and Q, but they are all over his art work!

He's still nowhere near potty training yet. His BM are still quite frequent, and on no schedule whatsoever. We are following his surgeons suggestion and not even beginning the potty training process until he turns 3, and we expect it will take quite a while for him to be potty trained completely.


Robbie learned how to tie his shoes today! We have tried to teach him several times, and today he finally got it. He mastered both techniques. "One bunny ear" and "Two bunny ears!" He's so proud of himself and so excited! He's such a big boy!

Austin climbed out of his crib last night for the first time. This isn't so much a milestone as it is an annoyance for me. I am not ready to move him to a big boy bed yet! I am hoping that he doesn't attempt the climb again for a while! Robbie never climbed out of his crib, so this is totally new territory for us!!

ER visit

We just got home a bit ago from taking Austin to the Emergency Room. He stuck a raisin up his nose this morning, and we had to take him in to have it removed. It was not a pleasant experience for him at all. I think it will deter him from putting things up there in the future. But, we won't be giving him raisins again for a while, just to be on the safe side.

Catching up

Wow, it's been three weeks since I updated this! Sorry for those of you who were awaiting updates (anyone?) The kids have been keeping me super busy. What with Easter and playdates, and warm weather, is it any wonder I haven't written? We have been too busy having fun!

Easter was a nice event. The Easter bunny hid lots of eggs for Robbie to find, and both Robbie and Austin loved their Easter baskets.



We have been having a lot of fun playdates lately.

Last SAturday we went to Deda and Memaw's house and had a blast playing outside!


And then Sunday we took the kids to visit their good friend Marshall Aidan and Seth. We all got to spend the night so mommy and Daddy could visit with their parent's Dana and Lee. We really enjoyed it.

Yesterday we went to my sister, Heather's house where Robbie and Austin got to play with their cousins Melissa and Nick. Memaw and Aunt Kassi came too! Austin and Nick played with lots of toys together, which Melissa and Robbie jumped on the trampoline and enjoyed the sun. We ate hot dogs and hamburgers and then stayed the night. I was so proud of Austin. Usually when we stay overnight somewhere he doesn't sleep well (which is why we don't do it often.) But last night we kissed him goodnight, put him down in the playpen and he went right to sleep without so much as a whimper and slept 12 hours straight! I was very impressed. Perhaps we will be able to do overnights more often now! As long as we make sure to let him play outside all day and wear himself out! :)

So that's about all we have been up to. I will try to keep these updates coming more often, so i don't have to write a novel next time.


Eric and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary today! 


Robbie lost his first tooth back in January, and he lost the second one today! Both his front bottom baby teeth are gone! He's growing up so fast

Pink Eye

Both of the boys have pink eye. Robbie picked it up at school yesterday, and must have passed iut on to Austin. They both woke up with their eyes goo-ed shut. Robbie's eyes are both really red, but he doesn't seem to have much discharge. Austin on the other hand is oozing Green goo like crazy. It's disgusting.

I took them both to the doctor, and got them both eye drops. Amazingly, Robbie didn't give me too much trouble when I put them in. I just put a drop in the corner of each of his eyes and let him blink them in. once he realized it didn't burn, he was fine. Austin put up a bit of a fuss, but only because I had to hold his head still to apply the drop. He was ok with it, but he really hates when I have to wipe the goo. That's worse than the drops!

Hopefully it passes soon, and hopefully my husband and I don't get it. I really don't want to be passing pink eye back and forth between the four of us for weeks and weeks.

As far as the chewing goes, Since Robbie bought his new shirts, and his bracelet he doesn't seem to be as fixated on chewing his shirts. Every once in a while I catch him with it in his mouth, but I think that's more habit than anything else. He REALLY doesn't want to have to buy himself any more clothing for a while.


For the last month or so Robbie has been chewing/sucking on his shirts. All of his shirts that we bought him for school back in September have holes along the cuffs and neckline because he can't keep them out of his mouth. It is driving me crazy.

I don't know if it is a nervous habit, or if it's an attention thing or what, but he is rapidly running out of clothing suitable for school, because every day he comes home from school with holes in his clothes! I have tried putting him in short sleeves with a tighter neckline so he can't get it in his mouth, but then he just chews on the bottom hem and puts holes in his shirts that way! He also chewed up his gloves in the same manner.

I am taking him to walmart this weekend to have him buy himself new shirts (out of his birthday money.) He's not happy about it, but maybe that will keep him from chewing?! I don't know what else to do.

I am going to mention it to his speech therapist at school to see if it's a sensory thing, and I may make him a dr's appointment as well to see if he's got an issue with his teeth/mouth. He's also a big nail biter, which drives me crazy, so maybe there's something to this chewing. Then again, maybe it's a stress related thing, or something he does just to drive me nuts.

Maybe it's just a phase?


I updated this with a lot of backdated entries yesterday, not realizing they were all going to show up and clog up everyone's friends pages. I am so sorry about that! 



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